Rita Larsen, Co-President
Barb McMath, Treasurer
Mary Jane Kroll, Corresp. Sec.
Katie Clark,
Joan Houlehen, Angie Jodie,
Doris Johnson Browne,
Abby Larsen,
Katie Marx,
Edwina Matthews
Ramona Sledge
Angela Stinson

-- Advisory Board --

Judi Stano,
Pat Siberz,
Mary Strunk, and
Denise Shane


DATE: Saturday, February 11

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St. Catherine Residence, located on Milwaukee's East Side has provided safe, affordable and supportive housing to low income women in our community since 1894. It currently provides a secure living environment for over 250 women annually.


Friends of St. Catherine Residence plays two vital supporting roles for the facility and its residents. We serve as a funding source through cash contributions, and as a volunteer resource pool for a variety of projects. As "Friends", we take pride in the positive impact our group has has on the residents of St. Catherine. We have raised over $90,000 for building improvement projects in keeping with our vision: To "contribute to the development of residents' physical well being, self respect, confidence, independence and peer interdependence."

This year, Friends is pleased to be partnering again with Columbia-St. Mary's in a special health-care initiative designed for our residents, many of whom do not have health insurance. It will provide health and wellness services and programs which our residents could not afford on their own.

This initiative includes a variety of vital services which are already in place or soon will be, including:
  • On-going Eye Care services through a program offered by LensCrafters, thereaby enabling them to reeive a free eye exam and glasses
  • Services of an on-site community nurse at the residence once each week to provide one-on-one visits for blood pressure monitoring, prescription drug support and confidential discussion of medical issues.
  • Breast care exams
In addition, Friends is partnering with other organizations to provide such programs as an Eductional Assist to our residents. For example, in a joint MATC/SCR/Friends effort, GED training has been made available at the MATC Downtown Campus for our residents interested in continuing their high school education. And in yet another initiative, the SCR "Right Start" Program, underwritten by the Woman's Club of Wisconsin, our mothers are being given a chance to grow personally and to learn good parenting skills. The program includes well-baby training, finance and job training.

Plans are underway to expand these important initiatives, however, it will require a strong, ongoing commitment not only from Columbia-St. Mary's and other partners, but from Friends of St. Catherine Residence as well. That's why we are ALWAYS looking for new friends who are willing to help.

To learn how to join or participate, use the Contact Form on this website.    CONTACT